Monday, September 26, 2005

Runaround Monday

Monday's are always a little all over the place. Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning. Yep, I'm trying to be a bit organized in this stay-at-home mom gig. I'm just now starting to get used to not having Geeva, my maid in Amman, around and it's actually kind of a novel thing to be cleaning stuff all by myself. Not that I enjoy it all that much, mind you. But I figure if I'm kind of organized in doing the house stuff that's more time to be out and about--walking, doing fun outside stuff--and for reading. That's the way it's been going so far, at least.

Except dragging a two and a half year old out to do groceries sucks. The worst part is fininshing up at Safeway. They've got those car things attached to the carts. Issy loves this, and he sounds like a jacked up car the whole time I'm shopping ("RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" non-stop). The worst part is check-out time, when he starts loudly whining, "No! I don't want to go home!" over and over. Usually when he gets so riled up I can say a few choice threats (smilingly, in Arabic, so no one knows the depths of my evilness) and he quickly gets quieter. However, leaving the Safeway car has him inconsolable and I end up having to peel him out of it to get him into his carseat.

We've also started using training pants for the first time today. I'm really dreading the interminable cleanups this is going to involve. . .

Weekend was great. Went to see "Proof" yesterday, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Sunday morning also went to the interfaith church. I'm going to have to write more on the interfaith church at some point b/c it's a bit to get my head around. The speakers have been interesting, but there's definitely a touchy-feely random dabbling in all religions element to it.

Thomas Friedman's recent article ( ) on why Bibi's better for the Likud was also interesting. I read it the other day and was annoyed to see the title, but the reasoning is pretty right on. Netanyahu is evil incarnate if you ask me--even worse than Sharon, if that's possible--but if there's hope for a middle of the road party in Israel, this appears the only way to go.


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