Thursday, October 06, 2005

Going out on the town

Today's been filled with pre-school, cleaning the carpet and tea with a friend.

We're headed to the artwalk downtown tonight, and I'm really looking forward to it. One nice thing is that the Seattle Art Museum opens its doors for free during the artwalk, which is cool since I'm not so sure there's enough good art there to make it worth it to pay full price. I'll report on what we find tomorrow.

Last night Samer and I finally nabbed a DVD copy of "Night on Earth," the one Jim Jarmusch film I've been dying to see for ages. Funny thing is, I thought the film was made more recently, but it really looked dated. The cars all looked so old and it seemed so 80's. It was made it '91. What a crackup that we all looked like dweebs then (not to say I don't now, either--heh heh).


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