Wednesday, October 12, 2005

More on Iraq

Isn't it ironic that this "War on Terrorism" is turning up more potential terrorists than ever imagined? Where else but in Iraq, the erstwhile Big Kahuna of terrorism. Despite Bush and Cheney's insistence that Al-Qaida was in Iraq before the war (it wasn't), it certainly is now. Al-Qaida and tons more.

This article talks about what those of us living in Jordan have known for a long time: that people have been energized by the utter chaos this war has unleashed in Iraq and have been going over to fight in droves.

A good friend of ours who grew up and still lives in a run-down neighborhood in Amman told us over a year ago that since the war people have taken to religion like never before. We were shocked to hear how he could scarcely find one woman in the neighborhood not wearing a headscarf (a new development at the time) and how numerous young men were going missing and later found to be off fighting in Iraq. Sad but true.


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