Sunday, October 02, 2005


Last night Issy swallowed a penny. We think. All I know is that I was stoking the lovely fire I'd made so we could have a romantic movie-and-fire night, and Samer yells from Issy's room, "I think your son swallowed a penny."


He'd been playing with it in the bathroom and by the time they got to his room Issy told Samer he "ate the money." And we couldn't find it anywhere. No comment on why he was playing with a penny, but whatever.

So we called Ghassan, our favorite pediatric gastroenterologist, and he tells us to make sure he's breathing ok and to take him for an x-ray in the morning. He was not only breathing fine, he was jumping, screaming and dancing all around the kitchen, so we figured it'd likely made it to his stomach. However, we decided he should probably sleep with us so we could monitor his breathing. Although sleep was precisely what we didn't do, with Issy between us kicking and flailing about all night.

I feel like I've slept a total of about 1 hour with all the action that was going on in our bed . Meanwhile, we've decided to feed Issy a ton in the hopes that penny'll show up soon. We're giving it until 5 to come outta there and if not we'll head to the hospital. So far, we've had one dirty diaper, but no penny. I'm totally having flashbacks to Peace Corps, MIF-kit days.


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