Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ramadan Karim

Kul saneh wa antoum sallemeen--Happy Ramadan to all of you out there!

Samer's folks called us last night to wish us a happy Ramadan and we were super surprised to learn it's that time of the year already (we don't have a t.v.--wouldn't we better have a clue if we had a t.v.?) Most of the time we were living in Jordan, Ramadan fell during the colder months when days were shorter. That meant that sundown came sooner and fasting wasn't quite so killer (I fasted in the years before I was pregnant with Issy.)

I remember how awful it was for my students in Cameroon during Ramadan. One year, the month fell during the absolute hottest time of the year and my students were completely catatonic for most of the month. They'd hang out on the school grounds until the sun went down before walking the 6 kilometers back to the village.

So what a hoot it was to learn that Jordan's started daylight savings time nearly a month early so the spread (and let me tell you, what a spread it is!) comes out sooner rather than later.


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