Monday, October 24, 2005

Reliving the angst

The weekend was great. We headed out to Whidbey Island yesterday with the folks, and I managed to see a number of films, too. The new Wallace and Gromit is brilliant as ever--Issy sat through the whole, entire thing, entranced--and right after, Samer and I joined some friends to see "Thumbsucker."

There's a real teenage-angst theme going on for me these days, because not only did I see "Thumbsucker" (which I liked well enough), I'm currently reading Prep, by Curtis Sittenfeld. Both have been bringing back a lot of unpleasant memories of junior high/high school days. Did anyone enjoy junior high? It was only when I got into my 20's that I realized all my friends were having as hellish a time of it as I was back then.

It all looks kind of cute and poignant from the lens of middle age, though. We rode back in the car yesterday eve talking and laughing about Adam's and my growing up years, and the various run-ins we'd had with our parents and teachers in our early teens. Many of the stories I'd forgotten, as I always do, but remembering them made me cringe. Cringe, because even though Issy's only 2, I'm already terrified of him having to go through those years.

Thing is, all the experience we old guys have that we can use to help out our kids as they grow up is essentially no good. I can remember taking my parents' advice with a grain of salt at the time (they were ancient and clued out, after all, I thought) and I have no doubt our kids will do that, too. They'll figure it out eventually, though. Inshallah they will and they'll still talk to us afterwards.


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