Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cute, indeed (but just a tad obsessive)

Really early this morning, I woke up from a strange dream and found that Samer had already gotten out of bed. Nothing strange; it was 6:30 and he's usually up by 6. The only odd thing was, when I went out to tell him about the dream, the house was empty. The dogbowls had been filled and were waiting for the dogs to get up, the house was spotless and it was pitch black outside. It felt a bit ominous--particularly since I was half asleep. So, I dial up Samer to see where the heck he's gone to. On the third ring, he answers, wide awake and cheerful. He's at Tully's, the cafe right by his work. Playing Civilization IV on his laptop. Now I can understand getting up at the crack of dawn and hopping on a bus to get on an early flight--as in, something scheduled that I absolutely HAD to do--but for a computer game? I'm sure he would counter that the fate of the world depends on him. All I can say is, I sure hope we're in good hands.


At 10:38 AM, Blogger Laith said...


I think its the tully coffee and not the game. Since i have discovered this small cafe close to where i work in downtown LA, that serves Tully, i have been there everyday to get my vanilla nut coffee. I have also converted a couple of my colleagues at work too.
As for the game, trust me some games are addictive, be glad that he is playing civilization, not like me, a soccer managing game, where i have been found to give press confrences to the window in my room after a win.

also saw on your profile that you are interested in film making, anything in particular?

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Ajnabeeyeh said...

Perhaps the caffeine has something to do with it, but he is truly a Civ freak.

The film I'm working on right now is about Jordanians living in the US. I also happen to have another bunch of footage on Americans who have been living in Jordan. Hmm, maybe I've got a theme here. . .

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Laith said...

Is it documentary or narrative? Sounds interesting.
I've edited numerous documentaries and short films, and currently in very early pre production stage for a jordanian feature. I'd like to know more about your projects if you dont mind.
My email is


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