Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"Gaza Strip"

Please. Go out as soon as you can and rent the film "Gaza Strip." For all of you who haven't quite understood why I'm always yapping on about how horrible life is for Palestinians and why the issue of Palestine is the #1 one in the Middle East, this film will give you the visuals to know why. And you will never question again.

From the groups of random schoolchildren getting shot at and killed, to images of people suffering from toxic/nerve gas the Israelis indiscriminately catapult into their neighborhood, this film gives a version of life under the Israeli occupation that's definitely never seen here in the States. It's left me with a sense of outrage not only that this is happening, but also that hardly anyone here has any idea it's going on. Even after living in Amman for the past 7 years, where we were often bombarded with images from the intifada that's been going on since 2000, I'm still shocked to see many of the film's images and the extent of cold-blooded evil the Israeli army is getting away with.

James Longley, the director, is currently finishing up a documentary on the current situation in Iraq that he shot over a 2-year period. I imagine there'll be some kind of screening of it here in Seattle, since he's doing all the editing over at 911 Media Center.


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