Friday, November 18, 2005

Great story, guy

My reaction to the latest word from that thug Zarqawi and his plan to further terrorize Jordan (see here)--just certainly never Jordanians again, no that was a mistake--is to want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. I'm kind of ashamed to admit it--because I also feel extremely outraged--but the way the craziness seems to have multiplied substantially in the Middle East is really starting to get me down.

Samer and I just discussed and he believes most Jordanians will react the way he is--with an outrage that these people are attempting to take over his country. That any place (the Dead Sea, hotels, Aqaba) in Jordan may be off limits. Well, that simplifies it, but I honestly don't feel like going further into it right now.

I was looking at an article written in The Guardian a bit ago (before Zarqawi's statement came out) and the following popped out at me:

After one demonstration, two men were writing anti-Iraqi graffiti on a mobile wall provided for the purpose. . ."I don't care if Israel occupies two-thirds of the Arab world and America occupies Iraq for ever. Let them go fight in their countries, I want Jordan safe."

Samer's opinion is that Jordanians of all stripes intrisically believe Jordan's very existence has always and will always depend on it being a place of safety amidst the chaos surrounding it. A strike to alter that reality is picking a very serious fight. I don't quite know what to think but am dying to hear from people back in Amman. I want to believe that people aren't buying Zarqawi's latest trash.

I also came across a good posting on the blog Oleander. His response, as well, to one of the comments on his post was very astute--"We see how much they care about not targeting Muslims from their actions in Iraq." How true.


At 8:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a strong feeling that Americans should Support American Interests ONLY. Any country we help should be as a result of their interests corresponding to our interests.

Whether allying ourselves with Israel is in our National interest is up for legitimate debate it bothers me that a Radio Talk Show host in this area is going to be getting a "Friend of Israel" award.

I would be bothered regardless of what country, be it a "Friend of Great Britain award" or whatever. Again, in foreign policy Americans should support what is in America's National interests, and everything should flow from that. Which means that if it is in America's interest to support Israel, then I am all for it, BUT if it isn't in America's interests, then I am willing to accept that as well.

But by accepting this "Friend of Israel" award, it means that this talk show host supports Israel regardless of whether it is in our national interest or not. He is looking at it fromt he wrong direction. He is looking at it from the perspective of "a friend of Israel", not from the perspective of supporting America's interests and helping other countries only if it serves America's best interests.

Kirby Wilbur should be ashamed to accept the "American Jewish Congress Friend Of Israel Award" for it just says that he puts the interests of a foreign country ahead of America.

Look, I criticize naturalized citizens for doing this when it is them putting the interests of the country they came from ahead of that of their new country, America. Can I do any less for someone who was born and grew up in this country?


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