Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More on Amman

The Guardian has an article on what's going on in Amman these days. It's worth a look.

Here's a bit:

"The public's lack of representation and shortage of economic opportunities
has fed a romanticised notion of jihad," said the [International Crisis Group's]
Robert Malley. "The November attacks are a preview of what's to come unless
the government gets serious about reform."

While King Abdullah appears to understand all this, internal resistance remains
formidable, and may have stiffened since the bombings. And the potential of
supra-national threats to discourage real change was dramatically illustrated
during a weekend trial of al-Qaida suspects in Amman.

"Terrorism is a badge of honour on our chests until Judgment Day," one of the
defendants shouted. "We're pursuing jihad until we uproot you, exterminate your
state, until the rule of the king vanishes ... Allah is our Lord. You have none.
America is your God."

Geez. These guys are freaks.


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