Thursday, November 03, 2005

My son, the twerp

Just for all of you who wonder how Issy's been shaping up since you haven't seen him in a while:

The other night when Samer and I went to do the first shoot for my new short film, we left Issy at a friend's house. She called and told me that while she was watching him, she was trying to set up the computer so they could play a game. The computer kept crashing and she said something like, "Oh, man! That stinks!" To which Issy replied, "Yeh. It's ridiculous and pathetic and I'm so annoyed." When she asked him where he'd learned those words (my dad's been a great vocab teacher of late), he said, "Nobody."

Mom has got him doing "I-S-S-Y spells Issy," and he can spell Baba and Mama, too. My only comment, like Samer's mom's last night, is: if he can spell his name, how come he still can't make caca on the toilet? The mysteries, the mysteries.


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