Thursday, November 03, 2005

Observation of the day, No. 2

Seems like every time I'm in a conversation with anyone living here in Seattle--which is quite often, as you'd imagine--the talk of buying a house or upgrading to a better one comes up. And then everyone starts talking about the outrageous prices for those little, bitty houses down the street from them, clacking their tongues, and next saying they're looking for something just a tad bigger.

As usual, I'm the odd man out, since we're renters and trying to figure out how we'll ever end up in a place that's not 1/10th of the size of our old place back in Amman once we buy. We're in no hurry for the disappointment.

Which gets me thinking. Nobody--I mean NOBODY--ever talked to me in Amman about the travails of buying a house. It just ain't one of the main concerns.

Now politics--that's the property discussion equivalent back in Amman. The one you just couldn't escape. You know, the state of affairs over in Iraq, the latest crap going down in the West Bank, etc. It was always depressing and frustrating to feel like there was nothing at all I could do, but somehow when talking about that stuff I always felt priviledged to not be in the firing line. All this talk about homes and $500,000 mortgages, though, makes me feel like the gun's pointed at me--"Buy, buy! Prices are climbing! Everybody's doing it!" Oh, the trials of middle-class life here in the US. . .


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