Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Our comings and goings

I've uploaded some new pictures to my Flickr account, so thought I'd share. Well, shoot, I'll just put a few up and run you through the past few days. . .

Here's one of Iss acting out his dream occupation: bulldozer driver.

I've also got a few from Thanksgiving, which included our first stateside argileh-fest later on in the evening. Samer figured we should break them out of our packing cartons in honor of Seattle's new law banning smoking in all restaurants and bars. Now it DEFINITELY doesn't look like he'll be paying $10+ anytime soon to smoke the ol' waterpipe here in town. It sure is a good thing our house is at least 25 feet away from any dining establishments or saloons. . .

We bopped around town a bit, too, this weekend and--wonder of wonders--managed to get out to see "Walk the Line" together on Sunday night. Samer and I have been Johnny Cash fans ever since the days when the only thing to keep Issy from screaming his head off in the car was playing "Ring of Fire" really, really loudly. We also have special memories of the Cash book-on-tape biography we listened to clear through Arizona to Las Vegas as our car played serious overheating mindgames on us.

I was pretty sceptical that anyone could even get close to doing a good job playing Johnny but, boy, Joaquin Phoenix sure wasn't bad. He sang it all himself--and quite well. And geez, after that I can't help but let him off the hook a bit. Plus, I caught Samer tearing up more than once, which always makes for an endearing date.


At 5:20 AM, Blogger Natasha said...

Isameel is sooo cute:-)


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