Friday, November 11, 2005

The Retardideen (aka Mutakhalifeen), more like

For the past couple of days I've been feeling awful. Sleeping fitfully, not wanting to get out of bed. Samer and I were talking last night and I told him that I was feeling homesick for Amman. For some reason, there's nowhere else I want to be right now, and I'm not sure why. When I asked Samer if he was feeling homesick as well, he said he was not so sure--that his sense of what home is has gotten a bit screwed up over the years. Mine too, obviously, since I'm feeling homesick for Amman.

Anyway, he thinks these guys messed up in bombing Amman and killing Jordanians, and I'm beginning to think he might be right. When I saw the pictures taken at demonstrations over the past few days, I was happily surprised to see that people from all walks of life are represented. West Ammani, East Ammani, youth, the elderly, conservative and non-conservative types. I had originally assumed that the demonstrators would be resoundingly from West Amman--the more Western, socio-economically "comfortable" part of town. East Ammanis are decidedly more conservative and religious, and I wasn't sure that a bombing in the Western part of their city would be enough to affect their general sympathy for those espousing terror. But it looks to me like East Ammanis made up the bulk of the demonstrations--which I find incredibly heartening.

Now, this Al Qaeda--Zarqawi and Co.--who claims to be acting to abet the best wishes of Muslims, is clearly a bunch of retards. If they're so plugged in, what the heck where they doing bombing Amman's big hotels? How could they have not known that these hotels have always been one of the few places where East and West Ammanis commingle? And this happens primarily through the wedding parties they hold nearly nightly throughout the year.

All Jordanians know this--it's a cornerstone of life in Jordan. You don't have to be a West Ammani "elite" to hold your wedding at the Radisson SAS, and the wedding party that were there on Wednesday night was clearly just a regular Jordanian family. They didn't represent "Western" values in any way--the bride and groom's mothers wore headscarves, which generally connotes that their families are traditional and conservative.

Apparently, these guys attempted to justify the bombings based on their belief that the hotels house Israelis and foreigners who are part of the big plot against the Arab World, and Iraq, in particular. Well then, how does the wedding party thing jibe with this? It's pretty clear that they're just a bunch of bumbling retards. For real.

And not only that, but how sophomoric is the 9/11 all over again thing? It's like they were sitting in a room going, "Oh, I have an idea. Let's do it on the Arab World's 9/11! We're so smart! Last time Americans--this time Arabs!" I mean, can you get more predictable and pathetic than that? These guys are trying to take over the world, man--can't they do something a little more original than that?

I'm hoping beyond hope that Jordanian sentiment will mark a turning point for all of this nonsense. We can only hope so.


At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Nas said...

Amanda, as a Muslim I can tell you this much. They really don't care about jews or americans as much as we think they do, or theyd like us to think. With religion you can convince poor people to do just about anything, they can find the haram in just about any detail and tell these bombers they will be martyrs for ridding the world of it.

has the hotel been free of any israelies or americans they would have still bombed it because a mixed wedding is haram and therefore everyone there must die. this is the line of thinking these people travel on.

great blog by the way. and ismael is very cute if u dont mind me saying. i love that name for some reason.


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