Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Scowcroft's take on Bush in Iraq

There's an excellent piece in the current New Yorker on Brent Scowcroft's falling out with George W. I was amazed to learn that he's way outside Washington's circle of influence--especially since he had such a tight relationship with Bush I and was a mentor to Condoleezza Rice. Much of it boils down to the neocons' difference in opinion regarding the use of force--Scowcroft was never a proponent of taking down Saddam. So apparently, the Gulf War was truly planned to finish up without messing around with Saddam or going into Baghdad. I'd never known that for sure.

The article was written by none other than Jeff Goldberg, who we met in Amman when he convinced Samer to sell him a few paintings. That was back in the day when Samer showed a lot of his work with the disclaimer that it was not for sale--back before we had tons and tons of paintings filling up the house/studio just hanging around. Anyway, Jeff had been in town to profile King Abdullah for the New York Times Magazine. He's since moved on to the New Yorker and we always end up discussing his stuff somehow--it's usually on topics that are right up our alley.

The article's not available online, but an interview with Goldberg on the piece can be found at the New Yorker site.


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