Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend recap

The weekend went way too fast. Somehow, we ended up at the mall and after that it didn't stop. I went to see "Pride and Prejudice" Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unlike most period pieces, this one definitely had some life to it and didn't feel contrived in the way they so often do.

Sunday was filled with shooting Samer and Ghassan in the morning, Nayan's 4th birthday party in the afternoon and an opening for Deep's show over at Khadidja's in the evening (where my old buddy Liz Mogford joined us.) For those of you here in Seattle, drop by and see Deep's stuff. It's at the Neighborhood Cafe, on 70th St. NW (off 15th Ave.)

I'm popping a few pictures up now, but I also just set up a Flickr account with a bunch of photos I took over the weekend. You can see those here, if you're interested.


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