Friday, December 09, 2005

Fish and Fisk

I've been feeling bad about the lame job I've been doing keeping up with the blog of late. Life's extemely hectic for me these days. Throughout the week, I've been transcribing interviews and working out a final script for my short film, and I'm not expecting the mayhem to stop anytime soon.

We're looking forward to the weekend, though. Tomorrow night, some friends are taking Issy for the night and we're planning to go see either "Brokeback Mountain" (the gay cowboy flick) or "Syriana" (the super-convoluted Middle East-situated thriller). And sushi. Yeah, can't skip the sushi. Man, I could go on for days about how wonderful the sushi is here--honestly, I've never had better. My friend Diane once said that the sushi at Vinaigrette in Amman was some of the best sushi she's ever had, and I didn't even notice what a sad thought that was until I moved here to Seattle. The sushi here's simply unbelievable. Our current fave is Bush Garden (hilarious!) in the International District. It's got a 50's lounge-type vibe going on--and I have a feeling it's been like that in there since it was built.

It sure beats our weekly outings of yore to Le Royale in Amman to the crap sushi place there (we had a major discount.)

I'm going to leave you with an interview with Robert Fisk I just read on the topic of his new book, The Great War for Civilization. He's such a killer--and he definitely doesn't have a whole lotta love for the blogging world. In talking about war, he says,

I have to take it with breakfast, lunch and tea, but not you, you're protected by these nice guys in London and New York and Washington, these editors. They don't want to dishonour the dead. It seems as if it is okay to kill Iraqis, just not to show them afterwards, at which point we're so worried about their honour. We have so much compassion when they're dead that we can't show the picture. When they're alive, though, let's go! “WAR IN IRAQ, EPISODE FIVE”… so you can cash in and have a war movie, but after you kill people they get compassion and honour. . .

There isn't a single member of the present Bush administration that has ever been in a war. [Colin] Powell was in Vietnam, but he isn't in the administration any more. There is not a single member of the Blair administration that has been to war. A few Labour Members of Parliament have been to Northern Ireland as soldiers but that's not the same. The politicians who run the countries have no experience of war.

Here's the complete interview.


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