Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Issy stories

Issy has been a major handful lately and I'm barely keeping up. My take on it is that he's trying to throw in as much terrible twoness as possible into the remaining few months before he turns 3.

The other day I noticed he was eating something pink that looked like a pill. In full-on worrywort mode, I hurriedly called Samer to see if he'd left any medicine out (as he sometimes does.) Nope, all the drugs were properly put away. I then happened to look around and see Issy chowing down on the gingerbread house our little neighbor friend across the street had given us. "This is a really yummy candy house, mama," he said as he tore off the little pink and green candy pieces. "It looks just like pills."

Anytime we have to switch gears to leave someplace or stop playing, it's a major challenge lately, too. After he left preschool a few days ago, he and his buddy Wally ran ahead at lightning speed to the playground before we could grab them to throw them in the car. It was rainy and there was even a bit of snow on the ground. They climbed up to the covered slide and Issy decided to go for it. He soon popped out of the tunnel with a huge tidal wide splashing out behind him. He was drenched. "Amanda! Hellllllllp! I'm dyyyyyying!" he yelled, and that, thank God, gave me the cover I needed to plop him in the car and get outta there.


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