Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"The Case for Impeachment"

The latest Harper's magazine has an essay by its editor, Lewis Lapham, detailing reasons why George W. Bush should be impeached. It certainly got me riled up. I often find Harper's articles shrill and junkily written (no super exception with this one, either), but it's worth a read. For anyone following events leading up to the Iraq war and onwards, the stuff is nothing you haven't heard before, but it sure is infuriating to read it stuck together all in one place.

Why, in the name of heaven, hasn't this guy been impeached (or just not re-elected) ages ago? It's maddening. More than maddening, I should say.

Here's a bit:

We have before us in the White House a thief who steals the country's good name and reputation for his private interest and personal use; a liar who seeks to instill in the American people a state of fear; a televangelist who engages the United States in a never-ending crusade against all the world's evil; a wastrel who squanders a vast sum of the nation's wealth on what turns out to be a recruiting drive certain to multiply the host of our enemies. In a word, a criminal--known to be armed and dangerous. Under the three-stike rule available to the courts in California, judges sentence people to life in jail for having stolen from Wal-Mart a set of golf clubs or a child's tricycle. Who then calls strikes on President Bush, and how many more does he get before being sent down on waivers to one of the Texas Prison Leagues? . . .

As of January 17, 2006, the rap sheet listed 2,229 American military dead in Iraq together with an unknown number of Iraqi civilians; what looks to be the sum of $1 trillion, by some estimates $2 trillion, already committed to The Project for the New American Century's real estate development in the Mesopotamian desert. Better reasons to impeach a president than the one pressed into service against Bill Clinton, whose penis was known to be aimless and shown to be harmless.


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