Monday, February 13, 2006

Money musings

We got back a little bit ago from our first-ever visit with a money guy. Not because we have money we need to manage, but because we have no clue about taxes here in the U.S. We're filing jointly and trying to figure out what all this deduction stuff means.

Thank God we'll be able to deduct our move to the U.S.--the monumental undertaking of the century. Which means we'll probably end up not having to pay out the wazoo to the gov't. At least for this year.

Roger, the guy we met with, helps people figure out how to manage their money. I guess this is one count in which I don't yet feel middle aged. We have pretty much no savings yet to speak of and have about zero clue about investing and stuff.

So I guess that makes us really behind in the rat race. But we're gonna have to figure it out all soon so we can live the old American Dream. Yippee skippy. . .


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