Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Them thar terrorists don't count

As you've probably heard, our government's a big fan of democracy. In fact, we're spreading it around the world. Remember Iraq--that former dictatorship that's now got some democratically elected guys and is a world better now?

Unfortunately the brand of democracy in Palestine just won't do. The New York Times ran an article today claiming that high-level officials in both the State Department and Israel are discussing witholding cash to the Palestinian Authority in order to force new elections and get Hamas out.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer states

What is new is the strategy to force regime change by impoverishing the Palestinians even further, according to the newspaper report. As the U.S. and Israeli officials see it, Palestinians would grow so miserable that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah's leader, would dissolve parliament and call early elections within months, the New York Times said.

Lovely, just lovely.

Read the P-I article here.


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