Monday, February 27, 2006

Trying to get through

How would you like it if a foreign power just up and put up checkpoints down the street from you, not allowing you to get out and do anything you needed to? Go to work, see your family on the other side, etc.?

Often when I talk to people back home in Ohio about what it's like for Palestinians on a daily basis, that's how I desribe it. Because living like that would suck for anyone.

And even though the Gaza Strip crossings were reportedly taken care of once the Israeli settlers moved out (remember Condoleezza helping out?), it's still a mess. Why are we not surprised?

At 3 a.m. on a chilly winter night last week, the tensions at this crossing point were growing. Shrouded in fog, stuck in a long, unmoving line, several thousand Palestinian laborers with permits to work in Israel were beginning to seethe. Before they could cross into Israel, they had to pass the daily security check, and many of them faced lengthy drives afterward. The morning commute can take four hours or more, every working day - most of it spent in line on the Gaza-Israel frontier.

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