Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Turkish restaurant without an Ataturk picture

For a few hours this afternoon, I took a little break and went walking with my friend Khadidja. We headed down to Wallingford and stopped in at a little Turkish restaurant, where we drank apple tea--one of Samer's and my favorite things about going to Turkey. They also happen to have that amazing stinky cheese I often crave, which means we'll definitely be going back.

I tied Amina, our little fox terrier, outside and--like I've mentioned before--it was hilarious to see how much attention she got. People are nuts about dogs here. So nuts that some dude walked inside and asked me if it was my dog tied outside, that she was freezing. At the time, it was about 50 degrees outside--far from cold. And in the summer, of course, people are concerned about her getting too hot. Quite a change from Amman, where people would bark at her as they drove by or take off running across the street in fear. She sure is a scary dog (I popped up a picture of her with the boys so you can see just how frightening she is.)


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