Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy day

My son is rapidly rushing after his father's footsteps. I've posted once before on Samer's long history of computer game addiction, with its latest incarnation having been an intense love affair with Civilization IV (see here.)

A few months ago, we finally figured out how to pry Issy off the computer and his BBC Blue Cow storybooks and Thomas the Tank Engine crapola. We bought him a Leapster. For those of you who don't know, a Leapster is kind of like a Gameboy for pre-schoolers that's heavy on the ABC's and educational stuff in general.

And from the moment we got it for him up until we sent it back--a tired, worn-out piece of crapped-out equipment to be traded in for new--he's been all over it. I mean, some days for 10 hours straight. Not like I'm encouraging him to become catatonic on a daily basis, but his extended playing times did wonders when my mom was in town and we were shopping in 15-hour long shifts.

The Leapster has also been instrumental in my discovery that I may just be able to have a bit of a life again. There's an amazing little bakery down the block from us, Cafe Besalu, that I finally managed to hang out in for an hour or two with my New Yorker and Issy in tow. The whole while, we just chilled at the table, ate our pain au chocolat, and played Leapster/read. It was superb. Minus the Leapster, Issy would have been climbing up and down the chairs and been antsy to get a move on.

So yeah, he's been pretty plugged in. At least up until last week, when the Leapster started acting spotty. We ended up having to send it back to Leapsterland and wait for a replacement. Meanwhile, Issy was like a crack addict having withdrawals. Every time we walked near the mailbox over the past week, he'd open it up and say, "Is my Leapster here yet?"

And today it finally was. Iss got up from his nap to discover I'd taken it out of the box and outfitted it with fresh batteries. He was ecstatic. He went straight to it, turned it on, and signed himself in: "I-S-S-Y spells Issy." Not too bad for a three year old. Guess he's been learning a little something. . .


At 8:12 PM, Blogger Mom said...

Oh, my gosh! The poor boy! You didn't tell me that Leapster pooped out!

He must be ecstatic to have it back.


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