Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Leave something out?

I was reading the New York Times article on Hamas' first day in parliament and skimmed over the added-on info about an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City:

Separately today, an Israeli airstrike on a car in Gaza City killed four people, including two members of the Islamic Jihad faction and one young bystander, according to Palestinian medical workers. There were conflicting reports on whether the fourth person killed was an Islamic Jihad member or a bystander. Several people were also injured.

Israel's military confirmed that it carried out the airstrike against Islamic Jihad, but said it had no information on casualties.

Islamic Jihad has been responsible for many of the recent attacks against Israel, including continuing rocket fire from northern Gaza that is directed into southern Israel.

Also, two Palestinian teenage brothers were killed in a blast in central Gaza that was caused by a bomb that apparently went off accidentally while they were handling it, according to the Palestinians.

Then I read Naseem's blog and saw that there was a little more to it than that--three kids were killed. And that bomb? Well, just check out Naseem's blog.


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