Thursday, April 06, 2006

On yet another "accidental" murder

Remember the documentary filmmaker killed by an Israeli soldier a few years back? One bullet, very effectively placed, killed him as he left a Palestinian home (holding up a white flag, no less.)

An inquest jury in the UK has found the soldier guilty of murder and made special mention of Israeli authorities' lack of cooperation in giving details about just what happened. The Guardian states

The jury unanimously found that Miller, from Braunton, Devon, was unlawfully killed. Its forewoman said: "This was an unlawful shooting with the intention of killing Mr James Miller. Therefore we can come to no other conclusion than that Mr Miller was indeed murdered." At that moment the cameraman's family started to sob. The jury added: "It is a fact that from day one to this inquest the Israeli authorities have not been forthcoming in the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mr Miller's death."

Miller was making a documentary when he was killed as he and colleagues tried to leave a Palestinian house where they had been filming. An award-winning documentary maker, he and two colleagues were clad in body armour and protective helmets and clutching a white flag with a torch shining on it when they came under fire from an Israeli armoured personnel carrier.

Miller's mother said the following:

"We've managed to rally enough resources to fight this, but Palestinians can't fight this, and there's been hundreds of Palestinian deaths."

Boy, is that ever true.


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