Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Preparing for flight

Our house is a mess. We've got clothes piled up in the dining room which Samer has just started working on, sticking them into our humungo duffle bags. We've got smoked salmon for the fam, computer fans for Maher (?!) and an iPod for Mo. Wow. Mo really got lucky this time. . .

And in the hope of preserving our sanity on the 30+ hour trek to Amman from the West Coast with our lovely son, we've got bags of gummy bears, yoghurt-covered pretzels, trail mix, jelly beans (all this sweet stuff is for bribing when needed), pumpkin seeds and I can't remember what else. We've also got a new drawing cassette for the Leapster (to replace the one lost a few weeks ago) and a new Finding Nemo cassette that we will hold on to until Issy gets antsy and we're dying for some relief. And then there's the portable DVD player that greatly aided us on our cross-country trek last year. We just bought the new Wallace and Gromit (Issy's fave) film DVD for that, along with yet another Thomas the Tank Engine DVD. And some Playmobile pirates and a few puzzles for good measure.

Which means we're going to be lugging tons of crap around with us--and that's not even counting the carseat and the stroller. Very unlike the days when we took along the latest New Yorker and Economist and were pretty much set.

So I'm feeling pretty prepared. And even more so after Samer reminded me that we will be on the Royal Jordanian flight. Which translates to us as, Our child is no super angel, but we've endured more than our fair share of unruly little devils on RJ flights in the past. Which means we're feeling more laid-back than usual about the whole situation.


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