Thursday, April 20, 2006


Today, among other activities, Issy and I met up with Geeva and her two kids, Salma and Suleiman, at the bird park and then played in the garden here at the house.

Later this evening, we saw an improvisational music/silent film thingy at an old cinema that's been beautifully renovated down from Rainbow Street. Unfortunately, by about 3 minutes in I was bored to tears. Pretty cheesy. Particularly since the captions to the film were all in French with no translation at all. Luckily, I know French--and I was suffering at how inane the event was--so it must've been doubly boring for those who didn't. Surprise, surprise, the event was sponsored by the French Cultural Center, who always seems to do this kind of stuff. For years, they had a North African film fest that, of course, had no English subtitles--but even more shockingly had no Arabic subtitles. I went for a couple of years to the opening night with Jordanian friends and they had to leave because they had no clue what anyone was saying.

After dinner we went out to a new place owned by the Fakhrelddin guys called Bistro One over by the old Amigo's (which is now a new Amigo's), and who should we see except Samer's long-lost (and estranged) sister and her husband. She spoke to us for a while, which has not happened for years, and I'm thinking this just might be a good sign.


At 6:22 PM, Blogger Rambling Hal said...

Hope it works out with your husband and his sister - it's hard being estranged from family.

I can relate a bit a guess, I don't get along very well with one of my brothers and I sometimes fear it will all escalate and I'll avoid him when we're both in our own homes and with our own families, seeing as we barely acknowledge one another while we both live in our parents' home! So my prayers are with you!


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