Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jordan's role in nabbing Zarqawi

The operation that killed Zarqawi is all over the media here and while I've not been doing a great job of keeping up with it all, I'm very surprised, all the same, that Jordan's extraordinary role in making it happen doesn't seem to be getting much air/press time at all here in Amman. Well, not super surprised, since Jordan's cooperation with the U.S. is very rarely alluded to here.

But this info can be found anywhere and everywhere in the international media--and most Jordanians I know certainly don't just follow their local news. Anyway, it's kind of interesting how Jordan's decision to hunt down Zarqawi in Iraq was old news for those of us living outside Jordan. Yet many Jordanians didn't seem to know about it--which is particularly surprising in this day and age, when access to information is so much easier than ever before.

This Los Angeles Times article just came out and gives an interesting look into how it was done.


At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Reader said...

I don't know what Jordanians you have been talking to, but I think it is more than common knowledge here that Jordan had a role to play in Zarqawi's demise, even a simple look through Jordanplanet a few days ago could have told you that much! Apart from that, the repeated and public vows to punish the perpetrators of the Amman bombing from almost everyone, in addition to the sight of the guy captured last month being transported by Jordanian soldiers splashed all over the local newspapers would make Jordan’s role 'old news' to anyone who cares to know, whether within Jordan or outside.

Your comment about the fact that Jordan's role in assisting the US is rarely alluded to in Jordan is clearly stating the obvious, not many people are pleased about the role, but the fact is that Jordan doesn't have much choice now that the occupation is a de facto, additionally not many countries tend to make it a point to continuously “dish the dirt” on themselves when the stakes are so high! I don't see the US media making much of a fuss over the fact the Iraqi WMD's are no-where to be seen after all, in addition to 1001 issues arising from this war that are distasteful to the American public and National Psyche. It's simply the self-preservation instinct in action.

P.S. Is it just the internet medium or do you always come across so patronising to people? Perhaps its the developmentarian wannabe-saviour complex kicking in?


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