Monday, July 24, 2006

Brand Israel: A Jordanian perspective

I just loved Ahmad's post a few days ago that takes up the idea of what Israel might possibility be thinking in terms of "branding" itself for the rest of the world. A great read!

Here's a snippet:

. . . Israel’s overwhelming firepower makes sure that the suffering it inflicts on Arab civilians is always greater than anything the other side can inflict upon Israel.I am not attempting a political or military analysis here. I am just wondering about Israel’s ‘branding strategy’ when it comes its neighboring audiences. We keep hearing from Israelis that all they want is to live in peace in this region. How does that fit with Israel’s actions that produce an image of a country that can only be seen as ‘barbaric’?


At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Ghassan said...

Ahmad voices a lot of what many of us Arabs living abroad feel. At a time when we learned to be open minded about a non-violent solution to the middle east crisis, Israel has proven one peace conference after the other that the concept is not shared. Hindered by a corrupt PNA, unrecognized democratic elections, "unilateral" moves and an ugly unlawful wall, many of us have turned into mega pessimists. Israel is a state built on lies, survives on many, and has more in store. Sadly, I could not agree more with Ahmad: there goes another generation with another opportunity to open a window of hope. Count mine in.

At 4:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

see how jordanian predators entertain themselvs with the misery of poor children.


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