Friday, July 28, 2006

"Who are the real terrorists in the Middle East?"

Wednesday's Independent has an excellent commentary by Oren Ben-Dor, an Israeli who's definitely not a fan of Israel's military adventures. Reading something like this is probably much better than listening to me rant on and on.

Here's a bit:

. . .While states should defend their citizens, states which fail this duty should be questioned and, if necessary, reconfigured. Israel is a state which, instead of defending its citizens, puts all of them, Jews as well as non-Jews, in danger.

What exactly is being defended by the violence in Gaza and Lebanon? Is it the citizens of Israel or the nature of the Israeli state? I suggest the latter. Israel's statehood is based on an unjust ideology which causes indignity and suffering for those who are classified as non-Jewish by either a religious or ethnic test. To hide this primordial immorality, Israel fosters an image of victimhood. Provoking violence, consciously or unconsciously, against which one must defend oneself is a key feature of the victim-mentality. By perpetuating such a tragic cycle, Israel is a terrorist state like no other. . .

Take a look at the rest--he's got some extremely valid points. Somehow I can't imagine coming across this one here in the U.S.


At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oren Ben Dor may not be an avid fan of the Israeli military and mainly critical of the government of Israel yet he is Jewish and fully support the right of existence of his people, Israel. As an American may confront the U.S. government, still he/she does not wish the American population any harm. Unlike you, who post this kind of sophisticated articles based on a lack of understanding to a basically anti- Semitic audience and anti-Jewish population who wish nothing for Israel( and the Jewish people) but its destruction is noxious. I feel very sorry for you. Your act make you fall into the category of those who basically hate Jews and Israel.

At 8:51 AM, Blogger Hamzeh N. said...

Amanda, I feel obliged after having read the anonymous comment above to say thanks for posting about this article and bringing it to my attention. I am part of your audience and I (like many of your audience readers) am not anti-semitic like the commenter before me suggested. I am actually a semite myself :)

Excellent article and I agree with everything that was said in it. Israel's own inception required an act of terror and I believe even Israel's founders said that themselves.

You wanna hear something ironic? Of all Arab cities, Beirut was the one city where all Arab countries (including Syria and the PLO, which is the sole representative of Palestinians and is even recognized as such by Hamas) agreed to recognize Israel's right to exist and live in peace with all the Arabs in exchange for the return of the land and solving the refugee problem.

Look how Beirut is being rewarded today.

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Cairogal said...

Anonymous...perhaps you need to look up the definition of what a Semite is.

Thanks for posting that article, Amanda. I must say, I am tired of receiving friend's forwards which include photos of dead Lebanese children-not because I don't care, but because I feel it's purely for shock value, and I don't view it as constructive. That article restored some of my own hope in the Israelis as a people. I sent it out to friends in the Middle East in hopes that it would be forwarded in place of slideshows.


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